Mechanical Horse

currently exhibited at The International Museum of the Horse,

Lexington, Kentucky

Mechanical Horse @ NYC Maker Faire 2015,
NY Hall of Science, Queens, NY, Sep. 25-27, MakerFaire.html
The Making of The Mechanical Horse, 
January 2013 - January 2015The_Making_of.html
Opening Premier of the Mechanical Horse @
Adrian Landon’s metal shop, + surprise fire by Flambeaux
January 7th, 2015Opening_Studio_Mech_Horse.html

Almost two years in the making, the Mechanical Horse was single-handedly designed, machined and sculpted by me, at home and in my metal shop in Brooklyn, NY.  Over 100 bearings, custom laser-cut sprockets, 30 feet of chain, 23 articulating joints and one small electric motor, this has been by far my most challenging project yet, combining my in-depth knowledge and passion for horses, my childhood mechanical experience with Legos, and most of all, my love for creation.

Materials: Stainless steel, steel, electric motor.

Completed: January 2015


Width: 10’

Height: 10’

Depth: 6’

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